Christmas Registrations

Christmas Registrations

You will be pleased to know that we have created a new folder in the registrations section of your membership. We have uploaded 8 songs today and will be adding new songs in the next few days. We wanted to share with you a few of the songs suggested by members. 
It may still be November but we wanted to share a little festive joy. 

Keep safe and hope you enjoy our first 8 songs. 

Go to your membership section and select 

Members Chit Chat

Members Chit Chat

This is an area where you can leave a message for other members to see and respond to. 

Leave a comment and let other members see and respond. 

New software

When will I get new software?

We update our software every month on the 1st of the month. 
All members will get new software added to your membership page and we will make sure that each new registration is added by month so that you know what’s new and what’s not. 
If you are a gold or platinum member you can request registrations for future updates. Simply send an email to and we will add it to our list. We will be adding a request page to the site in the next few days to make it easier for you to request songs. 

Using EQ

For those of you who joined in our Webinar this morning, here are the settings we use for our Master EQ setting. If you’re not sure on how to change this, you can re-watch the webinar and input the settings shown in the photo above.

Take a photo of your keyboard screen?
Did you know you can take snapshot image of your Genos screen and save them as a bitmap photo image on your USB stick. To do this turn Genos OFF. Hold down BREAK – ENDING 2 & ENDING 3 and then whilst holding down, Turn ON the Genos and hold until the main screen appears.

Pop a USB in the front slot of your keyboard and to take a photo of what is on the main screen – Press Multipad 4

You will hear a wind chime noise to indicate the image has been saved to the USB stick. 

Take out the USB stick and pop into your computer and you will see a .BMP file which is the image you took of the main screen! Useful for sharing settings with members.


Welcome to our new website. It has taken us a while to get everything up and running but hope that you enjoy the new format and easier to use club pages.
Over the next few weeks we will be updating and adding more content.
The really exciting part is that we can now add any type of content and we have no restrictions unlike our previous club home.

Thank you for supporting the club and being part of our community.
It’s great to have you on board!

Many thanks
Leigh Wilbraham
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