For those of you who joined in our Webinar this morning, here are the settings we use for our Master EQ setting. If you’re not sure on how to change this, you can re-watch the webinar and input the settings shown in the photo above.

Take a photo of your keyboard screen?
Did you know you can take snapshot image of your Genos screen and save them as a bitmap photo image on your USB stick. To do this turn Genos OFF. Hold down BREAK – ENDING 2 & ENDING 3 and then whilst holding down, Turn ON the Genos and hold until the main screen appears.

Pop a USB in the front slot of your keyboard and to take a photo of what is on the main screen – Press Multipad 4

You will hear a wind chime noise to indicate the image has been saved to the USB stick. 

Take out the USB stick and pop into your computer and you will see a .BMP file which is the image you took of the main screen! Useful for sharing settings with members.

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