Where to find FX and Audio tracks for multipads

If you have watched our webinar about mutlipads, you may want to know where to go for audio files
to add to your keyboard. 

For sound effects you can use the following websites:

Some of the sound effects are MP3 format, so you will need to convert them into WAV format. 
For mac users here is a conversion tool : https://amvidia.com/wav-converter
For PC users here is a conversion tool : http://www.boxoft.com/mp3-to-wav

If you are looking for vocals to play along with, we highly recommend using Karaoke Version

Make sure you choose the custom karaoke section as you can turn off the backings and download just the vocal
part that you need, and remember to check the tempo that the file is set to – you CANNOT use files that have tempos such as 128.7 – Genos only sets tempo to 3 digits, using a file with a .7 will mean your tempo with drift out and not be in time by the time you have finished the song. 
Otherwise, enjoy and feel free to share anything you create using these links. 


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